A Writer's House

This level of editing will work for any stage of a work in progress, whether you just have a few chapters done and are looking to get some feedback from a contest entry, or if you have a completed manuscript and want to get an opinion about its strengths and weaknesses. 

Brainstorming sessions can also be purchased separately for $25/hour. 

Editing Services

Proofing and Story Development

  • Basic proofing 
  • Pacing and flow - scene/sequel, transitions between scenes, POV
  • Character development - internal and external goals, motivation and conflict
  • Continuity - logistics with characters and setting
  • Light line editing
  • Brainstorming session - a 1-hour review of GMC charts, characterization questionnaires, plot development
  • Turn around time: 7 days per 10,000 words
  • Price: $2.50/page*

These are the services provided by Cypress Press. If you want something included or excluded, we can discuss customizing your individual service. The information below is designed for fiction work, but we are also open to non-fiction work. 

*Based on a 12 pt Courier New or 14 pt Times New Roman font. $25 minimum