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One of the biggest criticisms I hear from readers is the insufficient editing that goes into a self-published book or novella. Nothing is perfect and no one should expect perfection, but when readers spend money for a book, they don't want to be distracted by excessive typos, grammatical errors or conversion issues.

As an author, you tend to read your own work so many times you stop reading and start glancing over the words, knowing what should be there. Too often, however, what should be there isn't what ends up being on the paper.

Looking for an editor is a very personal thing. You have to consider style of writing, personality, experience. So let me tell you about Cypress Press and how we work. First and foremost, it's YOUR work. This is a joint venture between editor and author but in the end, only the author knows what's right or wrong for the story. 

We aim for straight-forward and diplomatic. We don't believe in gilding the lily but also don't believe in crushing the spirit. You'll get an outline of strengths and weaknesses with suggestions for improvement. Read that again: suggestions. As stated earlier, only the author can decide what will and will not work for the story.

Using Track Changes, comments will be made in the body of the text. There will be a running summary of the editor's impressions throughout, usually at scene breaks. 

If you want an idea of  how Cypress Press operates, take advantage of the free 1,000 word editing preview. One per customer, please! Send the first thousand words of your WIP, tell us what service you want to test out, and we'll provide a sample of our editing.