A Writer's House

This level of editing is probably best for work ready for publication or submission. Its been through critique and rewrites and just needs that final polishing. 

Editing Services

*Based on a 12 pt Courier New or 14 pt Times New Roman font. $25 minimum

**Pro-rated per 1,000 words. $20 minimum

Basic Proofing:

  • Grammar - subject/verb agreement, pronouns, overuse of adjectives
  • Spelling - homophones (they're, their, there), incorrect word (from vs form), general typos (teh vs the)
  • Punctuation - comma usage, quotation marks, single space after periods, ellipses vs hyphens. 
  • Awkward wording or phrasing - duplicated words, run on sentences

  • Turn around time is 5 days per 10,000 words
  • Price: $1/page*

These are the services provided by Cypress Press. If you want something included or excluded, we can discuss customizing your individual service. The information below is designed for fiction work, but we are also open to non-fiction work.