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Storytelling has probably been a part of every culture on the planet. It's kept alive the traditions and heritage of a people, taught lessons, shared family history, entertained...it's a way to bridge differences, build hearth and home, connect.

That connection is why this website exists. There is nothing more wonderful than taking those characters rambling around your head, put pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard) and bring to life a story that captivates readers. We sit at our computers, sometimes in the wee hours because they are the only hours available to us, and pour our hearts into the pages of a story. And that can be lonely. 

Writing is a solo business for many. We go to conferences, enter contests, take online classes, find critique partners and writer's groups and while that doesn't sound lonely, there's only the writer and the blank page when push comes to shove.

Here at A Writer's House, we welcome everyone - writer or reader, newbie or experienced, romance or mystery or young adult or historical or sci-fi or urban fantasy - to share their stories, advice, struggles and success. Just ask. We'll find a way. 

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Technically, Lara Haley's husband died before she ran over him with the Buick. 

‚ÄčAt least that's what the coroner said.

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