This is just what it sounds like. We'll look at your WIP as a reader. Does it hold interest? Is there a hook that keeps us turning the pages? Are the characters sympathetic and their actions realistic and appropriate to the established motivations? Is the resolution satisfactory?

And while we're reading, we'll keep an eye out for typos. Just in case. 

These are the services provided by Cypress Press. If you want something included or excluded, we can discuss customizing your individual service. The information below is designed for fiction work, but we are also open to non-fiction work. 

Editing Services

A Writer's House

*Based on a 12 pt Courier New or 14 pt Times New Roman font. $25 minimum
**Pro-rated per 1,000 words. $20 minimum


  • Overall review of story development and pacing
  • Typos
  • Turn around: 1 day/10,000 words*
  • Price: $20/10,000 words**